Dr. Rohan Gavankar

Dr. Rohan Gavankar

   Feedback on Workshop

Greetings to the entire team
I would like to thank Dr Jayshree Madam for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this wonderful Journey.

Dr Jayshree Madam I have learnt how to be composed, balanced and creative from you. Really heartfelt thanks to you.

I extend my thanks to Ajita madam Manali madam Selma madam and Celia madam to be patient during my bunch of queries and really addressing it in a very motivational way. This approach really pushes one to try it.

Face to face workshop was one the wonderful part of the workshop.
The entire module of 18 days was well planned and the same was executed effectively.
Small small points related to OER planning and development were explained so well that it has boosted my confidence to try them in classroom.

I personally feel that this opportunity has helped me evolve as a good mentor.
Thanks once again for empowering me with various ICT tools.

Dr. Rohan V. Gavankar