Dr. Pargat

Dr. Pargat

   Feedback on OER Workshop

Respected SNDT team, first of all I am thankful to you all for giving me an opportunity to be part of this wonderful, thought provoking workshop.

The words here are heartfelt and written with high hope that my feelings will travel through these.

Each and every person of SNDT on the stage or off the stage had put their best efforts to make this workshop a grand success. it is rightly said as is the leader so is the team…. So Dr. Shinde mam set an example before participants of a an excellent administrator.

I didn’t know others have noticed or not but i tried to analyse that a just a simple change in tone and facial expression of dr. Shinde mam are enough to give directions to her team members. Each administrator should have this capacity. She is almost all the time with a pleasing personality, smiling face, focused, determined and her ability to establish rapport with each one is excellent. Good leaders set example before their team and she is doing this work with ease…..after meeting mam one can come only with the feeling that she is really genius.

The content shared in the workshop through various sessions was very useful for developing a good OER. Hands on experience during the face to face mode and discussions on key points helped a lot to use different tools related to OER development. As i completed my PG in Educational Technology in 2005 , and after 13 years i found something interesting , meaningful which can help me to do some good work in this field of OER. i am thankful to Manali mam for replying each and every question from my side and other participants with ease. Ajita Deshmukh mam, Selma and Celia helped during recordings and other sessions. This workshop can really help to create a shift in my perspective regarding open content. as it was multi cultural workshop, participants from 7-8 states which provided a wonderful environment of informal learning from each other, i have learned a lot from this workshop. As Shri Hazrat Inayat Khan said “the words that enlighten the soul are more precious than jewels” So i am back with so many good words in y notepad and imprinted on my mind… looking forward for more experiences like this in near future…